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Reflective Space with Ingrid Schultz in Frome

Reflective space with Ingrid Schultz in FromeThis service is for people, who have already done some counselling or therapy and may be looking for more input than supervision offers. Reflective Space is a setting where counselling, supervision and coaching come together.

Although a clear contract between the client and myself is necessary, it is different to a counselling contract, because weekly sessions are not always required.

It is helpful if the client has a sense of what they wish to focus on. Using mindfulness exercises alongside talking can often be of real benefit.

A person may be interested in working with me in this space for a number of reasons. For example:

  • A person finds themselves in a situation professionally where they wish to or need to make changes, but are uncertain how to move forward.
  • A person has become self employed or is starting a new role in their working life.
  • A person is caring for a relative, partner or friend who may be seriously ill and needs a space to express the emotions that are surfacing, to explore how to cope best with their feelings, so that the person who is being cared for can also benefit.
  • A person is adjusting to a new life situation i.e. after a separation, after a bereavement, entering retirement, entering parenthood or the end of active parenting, and is finding it hard to cope and adjust to their new life situation.

The setting which I call Reflective Space is designed to offer support in adjusting to a new life situation. It also provides a space to reflect on and understand the emotions which may have been triggered on a deeper level, thus making connections with his/her life story or previous emotional experiences.